A new way of representing data with 3D printing: visualizing data with 3D printed sculptures

A few months ago I shared a review of a 3D printer from the Wall Street Journal which incorporated a 3D data visualization. Here’s a look at someone making this more than just an oddity, but rather a serious attempt at improving visual communication of data visualizations. – Dean Meyers.

Until recently the 3D printing industry was focused primarily on bringing digital representations of products to life. Designers and mechanical engineers were using additive manufacturing technologies to simply turn their 3D models into real objects, which populate our daily life. Volker Schweisfurth of Germany decided to take the technology a step further as he uses 3D printing in a radically new way. He is among the first ones to imagine a way to visualize data with 3D printed sculptures. Instead of following the digital-to-reality path developed by 3D printers, he instead developed a way to give life to data through 3D printing.

Based in Germany, Schweisfurth has paved a new way for anyone willing to display data in creative way. He explains: “Until now, online services were focused primarily on creating objects for industries that are deeply rooted in everyday life-like miniatures, figurines, jewelry. But the meta-world of data was largely ignored.” … (Read more)

Source: VizWorld.com