The New Mercedes S-Class Could Well Have 3D Printed Interior Parts

Last year Mercedes revealed its S-Class Coupe concept, due out in 2015, a beautiful and unique concept car that very likely had a large number of 3D printed parts. For its next gen 2018 S-Class, Mercedes has announced it is considering introducing 3D parts, not just for the concept models but for final production of interior trim pieces. 

The S-Class is Mercedes most a highly technologically innovative line of cars and the company plans to introduce many Hi-Tech innovations such as gesture controls, lightweight one-piece seats and one-piece air vents. The company is considering using 3D printing to manufacture some of these because it now considers it a potentially economically viable solutions.

According to an Auto Express article quoting Mercedes’ Chief Interior Designer Jan Kaul, this means 3D printing will be used for the one-piece air vents as well as for other intricate details like the speaker grilles, making them stiffer, lighter and faster to manufacture. “It is a definite possibility,” Kaul said to Auto Express, adding though that it is a simply a question of margins. “We must be making thousands of these components to make sure the quality and cost is viable”. … (Read more)