MOSI displays many dimensions of 3-D printing

Researchers and engineers at USF are bringing the fun of 3-D printing out of the lab and into the spotlight with a new exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).
“3D Printing the Future,” which opened Saturday, allows the public to see exactly what new technology can do, with workshops that allow visitors to make their own 3-D printed objects and replica models of themselves.

Lori Collins, co-director and research assistant professor for the Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies (AIST), is the guest curator for the exhibit and has been working to set the theme for the showcase.

“Through 3-D printing, we can make digital data something you can actually hold and print full-scale to see and appreciate,” Collins said. “It’s used a lot in teaching and getting students engaged in three-dimensional data.” 3-D printing also allows researchers to create replicas for other museums to preserve pieces of history that would once be forgotten. … (Read more)