Mookum & i-Materialise Challenge

3D printing will not be used by “everyone to make anything”, but rather it will be used by some to make objects they really care about.  

Mookum and i-Materialise believe that the new path of 3D printing will put less pressure on our planet and slow down mass production.  We will only produce what we need.
3D Printing turns 3D models from a computer into objects that you can hold in your hand.
Again, Mookum and Materialise are looking for a solution in this challenge.

Our challenge is that many cords are always tangled up causing a lot of frustration.

  • This can be in your office for all cable connected to your computer.
  • It can also be in your bag that the cables of your laptop and phone are strangled.
  • This can be when running your earphones are really a mess

There are cord managers in the market, but  they look awfull or seem very clumsy.
We want to fix this problem!  You can fix the problem for the office, for the bag or for earphones.  This is up to you to decide.

Everybody can send in a 3D file and image for their cord management solution.

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