Modio app turns your iPad into a 3D monster toy design company

3D printing has brought the world some pretty awesome products, but Modio could be one of the coolest we’ve seen. Modio is an iOS app that lets you design your own “monster robot” from scratch, using a selection of different modules and colors. Once you’ve finished your amazing design, you can send it to a 3D printer and your toy comes to life, right before your eyes.

There are multiple different modules available for each body part. The Modio app offers several different heads, torsos, legs, arms, hands, and weapons to choose from. Each module connects to the other with a cool lightning effect and a snap. If you decide you don’t like that particular combination, you can flick it away until it disappears forever. Once you’re satisfied with your creation’s body, Modio lets you adjust the color, texture, and position of each limb. If you’re not really the creative type or you need inspiration, you can work with preexisting designs, too.

You can view your creation from any angle and touch each body part to adjust the angle. A preexisting ninja design (shown above) can be formed to strike a deadly blow with a powerful kick, crouched down as it prepares to spring out of the shadows, or just about any other position you can imagine. The piece move in a fairly realistic way, that is to say, the way you’d imagine a human could move and then some. … (Read more)