MIT’s silkworm-powered, fantastical, biological 3D printer

The Mediated Matter group at MIT researches “how digital fabrication technologies mediate between matter and environment to radically transform the design and construction of objects, buildings and systems.”

In other words, they study the constructs and processes of nature, and try to apply its that brilliance to how we humans create things.

Neri Oxman, the founder and director of Mediated Matter Group, has a new initiative called the Silk Pavilion, which s best explained in their words: “The primary structure was created of 26 polygonal panels made of silk threads laid down by a CNC (Computer-Numerically Controlled) machine. Inspired by the silkworm’s ability to generate a 3D cocoon out of a single multi-property silk thread (1km in length), the overall geometry of the pavilion was created using an algorithm that assigns a single continuous thread across patches providing various degrees of density.”

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