MIT Students Develop Design Program that Automatically Creates Fabricable Parts (VIDEO)

A new 3D modelling program from students at MIT consists of a large database of fabricable design templates that will allow a casual user to easily create 3D objects that are ready to fabricate, including any support structures, screws, brackets or braces needed to create stable furniture.

The difference between most real world objects that need to be fabricated and their digital counterparts is, as ever, in the details. 3D models generally lack the details that an object needs to be structurally sound as they are usually just a simplified version of the final product. These missing details include things like brackets, screws, welds and fitting holes. Casual users of design software often find designing fabricable objects extremely difficult if not impossible due to the need for these elements.

The MIT researchers worked with design experts to create a large database of fabricable models that include all of those missing details, even down to the smallest screw. When designing from scratch, even a simple table could require hundreds of individual parts that traditionally would need to be 3D designed one at a time. This makes the creation of fabricable designs extremely time consuming and usually far outside of a casual designer’s skill set. … (Read more)