Michiel de Bruijcker will speak about Printing ceramics during 3D Printing event

Michiel de Bruijcker, Managing Director at Formatec Ceramics will give a presentation about Printing Ceramics during the 3D Printing and Prototyping session of the 3D printing event.

3D Printing EventOver the past 12 months Formatec geared up an exciting team with a excellent mix of two SME’s and a research institute. The presentation will highlight on the developments the complete vertical process integration and the solid outcomes on printing high tech ceramic components.Finally the presentation will comment on upcoming developments and future challenges.


About Michiel de Bruijker
Schooled as a mechanical engineer with a specialization in medical engineering. Passionate for production driven companies and fascinated about new technologies that does have a great deal of added value, enough to justify production in western Europe.

About Formatec Ceramics
SME located in the Netherlands, specialized in shaping high complex technical ceramic parts. Mainly by injection moulding and lately by the in-house developed ADMAFLEX technology as well.


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