Meet KT, the 3D Printed Android of 54 millimeter

Lately there has been a lot of talk about scaling up 3D printers and the efforts being made towards getting bigger parts out of bigger printing volumes. With stereoltihography, and in this case with EnvisionTEC top-notch UV based DLP, small is nice too. Especially when it can get an amazing level of detail.

KT is a 54 millimeter tall android developed by artist Maxime Chertof and 3D printed using a Perfactory multi lens 3D printer by EnvisionTEC. It was named after Chertof’s wife Katy (so she is actually a female android) and can stand on top of a guitar pick. Or sit balancing on top of an AA battery.

That is because KT was developed to be as articulate as a real human being, with “joints” in all the same places a real person would have them. Unlike a real person, though, individual parts were 3D printed separately and then assembled. … (Read more)

3d printing kt envisiontec


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