Mazzo di Fiori & the Next Generation 3D Printer

Offering my 3D printed filigree floral sculpture to raise funds to complete R&D of a revolutionary new 3D printer technology.

I am an artist. I have become known for my pioneering work in the 3D printed medium & have a professional history in product invention/design & development. My art is about pushing the limits of form… an exploration into what can be made & how to accomplish it. My venture into this project is a direct extension of that.

For the last 18 months I’ve been developing a new 3D printing technology to usher in the next generation of the 3D printing revolution in terms of quality, capability, cost, access, & ease of use. This is a completely new approach & not another FDM/RepRap or DLP project. So far so good, beta software & prototype hardware results are sound but I’ve already spent more than I can afford on development. I need your support to complete R&D.

As an inventor, I’m here to share my vision but need to reach a more viable version before I can make promises on it. As an artist, I’m here to support that vision with my work. I ask for your participation in “PHASE 1” of development to bring something creative & useful to the world. … (Read more)