Mark Florquin will speak about holography for interactive product presentation during 3D printing Event!

Mark Florquin, Holographer at Mark Florquin Holography, will give a presentation during the session Marketing and Retail at the 3D printing event.

3D Printing Event3D scanning or holography is usefull for product presentation online or through 3D printing. But how does it extend into the digital market?

About Mark Florquin

Mark Florquin started his carreer with one camera. Now he uses 72 to create photorealistic 3D scans of people, architecture and art for use in games, animation, virtual reality and web. Being a holographer he discovered 3D techniques offer a solution to many problems occuring in the photography landscape.

About Mark Florquin Holography
3D content creation for e-commerce, 3D printing, reproduction and prototyping.


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