Mapping the 3D printing revolution (Infographic)

Electrical component distributors, Farnell and their community Element 14, take a look at 3D printing and the expected growth and use of 3D printed products.

3D printing has slowly started to get popular in use in the industry, by the hobbyists and ordinary individuals in their homes. If you can design it, the 3D printer can build it. However, we are still in the early stage of owning and using 3D printer.

So, what is the length of time before it will become mainstream like the PC? The infographic will show when will every American own a 3D printer and how it affects the profit of those who are selling consumer objects and more.

The infographic below was created by Farnell.



One Reply to “Mapping the 3D printing revolution (Infographic)”

  1. 3d printing is not a revolution. It’s a new technology.

    A revolution would be if everyone on the planet somehow learned to use the technology that existed before 3d printing became popular…

    Info graphics like this misinform the public, who really don’t know anything about 3d printing.

    The reason why your this graphic is invalid is because a majority of future 3d printer owners aren’t going to use 3d printers for prototyping. They are going to use it to make things they will use, or to make replacement things for things that break.

    It takes skilled labor to produce prototypes, no matter what technology is in your process.

    A prototype requires a function.

    A person at home today with an ultimaker or a makerbot only makes objects, things that may or may not have a particular function.

    And that’s if they know how to use a 3d printer properly

    I’m disappointed in your misguided effort to build smart hype about this area of interest.

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