Manufacturing group to build 3D printing innovation centers

To upgrade manufacturing in China
A Beijing-based trade body told the Global Times Monday that industrial 3D printing will play a “very positive role” in upgrading Chinese manufacturing, echoing a survey of global executives who believe that the Chinese government needs to encourage more innovation to enhance its manufacturing base against the background of a global economic recovery.

Industrial 3D printing can easily create highly complex designs that are too difficult for traditional manufacturing technology, but it is not as good at mass production. So 3D printing will complement traditional manufacturing, not replace it, Luo Jun, CEO of the Asian Manufacturing Association (AMA), told the Global Times Monday.

“Over the past 30 years, 3D printing technology has already been applied in the aerospace, automotive and biomedical industries, and now the conditions are ripe for it to scale up,” said Luo, who is also executive secretary-general of the China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance, formed by China’s leading research entities and enterprises in the field.

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Source: Global Times

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