MAKIES Alpha is live

MAKIES are 10″ gosh-darn poseable action dolls with faces and features designed by the individual.

You get to choose what the face looks like: the eyes, nose, jaw, smile, the hair, the clothes and the hands and feet too. Once you’ve finished creating, we manufacture your exact figure for you, dress it with the clothes you’ve chosen, add the hair and eyes you’ve chosen, and put it in a beautifully recycleable cardboard tube to be sent directly to you.

We’re using 3D printing techniques to make the action doll, each one unique to its owner. Imagine a printer: now imagine it uses powdered plastic instead of ink on paper. Now imagine that a fine laser melts the finely powdered plastic into a shape: that’s the type of 3D printing we’re using. It means that those tiny, delicate changes that you make to the face shape are reproducible exactly, and it also means that the surface is matte, and slighly porous, a bit like unfired porcelain.

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