MakerBot 3D gets $10m Investment from Foundry Group

Consumer-grade 3D printer manufacturers MakerBot Industries has raised $10 million in venture financing lead by Brad Feld’s Foundry Group.
Feld wrote that he believes that we’ll look back in 20 years and 3D printers will be as ubiquitous as laser printers are today. We aren’t yet at the point that is equivalent to the first HP Laserjet in 1984, but I think we’ll see a comparable product from MakerBot within a year. In the mean time, I’m going to keep downloading 3D things from the Thingiverse and keeping my Thing-O-Matic busy.

MakerBot is two and a half years old and is based in New York. Do you foresee yourself having a 3D printer/fabricator in your home in the future? It sure would be fun, that much is for sure.

The 3D printing event, October 25, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, has the topic “3D printing at home”. With this investment it seems to get reality sooner than expected.


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