Ludmila Striukova, University College London presents about intellectual property management

Ludmila Striukova, Senior Lecturer at University College London, presents ‘Intellectual property management: lessons from 3D printing platforms’ at the 3D Printing Event. 

One of the opportunities offered by 3D printing technologies is enabling companies to mass-customize on a very large scale and to co-create with their consumers, particularly through the use of online 3D printing platforms (e.g.Shapeways, Materialise, Thingiverse)

Managing IPRs is perhaps one of the major challenges for companies embracing co-creation. Managing co-creation within 3D printing environment is even more challenging as both companies and users are often uncertain about legality of certain practices. How do 3D printing platforms approach the question of authorship? Are there policies visible and clear? Is there an industry norm or do practices vary from platform to platform? The topics discussed in the session are: what type of IP strategies are applied by 3D printing platforms; what are the advantages and risks of these strategies; what lessons can other participants of the 3D printing ecosystem learn.

06a38d3About Ludmila Striukova
Dr Ludmila Striukova is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management Science and Innovation at University College London. Her previous experience includes working at the LSE, King’s College, as well as business forecasting agencies. Dr Striukova’s current research is closely related to business and legal aspects of 3D printing. She has published extensively in the area of innovation and technology management and her research work has been used in numerous EU and governmental reports. She also has used her telecommunications engineering background to mentor and advise technology-based startups and multinationals.

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