How Long till the 3D Printing Revolution? (INFOGRAPHIC)

This infographic, although it is designed more like a stream of individual slides than a story built around highly symbolic visual metaphors, does offer a view of an exciting trajectory of adoption for 3D printing, with supporting charts, graphics and statistical data presented visually.

For some, the 3D Printing Revolution is here already: the maker community, at the individual level, can now find more 3D printers hovering close to the US $1200-$1500 price tag, much as the prosumer DSLR or Camcorder market evolved. The industrial design community is excited by the prospect of having 3D modeling give them the ability to do iterative prototyping easily. And the medical world is taking to creating new procedures where 3D printing, with inert materials, can be used to teach, experiment and do replacement surgery that is customized to the individual patient as never before. … (Read more)

3D Printing


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