London-based startup 3D aims to become the Google of 3D search

Halfway between the Chinese factories and Silicon Valley tech giants, right in the heart of London’s emerging tech scene, is a startup that aims to revolutionize both manufacturing and internet search.

3D (3DI) commercializes advanced 3D search technology, creating applications based on its geometric shape-based 3D search engine. Its first product,, a visual component-sourcing platform for industry, has the potential to disrupt the age-old sourcing process for parts in the manufacturing supply chain.

Conventionally, when a user types words into a typical text-based search engine (e.g., Google), a list of possible associated links appear based on the keywords used. In manufacturing, there is not always a universal naming and numbering system and so part sourcing on the web can often be like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. 3D search transforms this experience.

3DI connects buyers and suppliers of industrial components through its 3D search engine. With 3DI, an industrial designer looking to source components can upload a 3D design into the 3D search engine which immediately returns a list of matching suppliers worldwide. The 3D printing boom, among other trends, is leading to an explosion in the demand and supply of 3D models and data on the web.

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Source: Forbes

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