LOFT NedSense campaign: 3D printing as marketing tool for 3D-software

As one of the first in the Netherlands, LOFT NedSense has used a direct marketing campaign in cooperation with 3Dwergen to deliver a unique combination of classical marketing combined with 3D printing. What are our experiences?

LOFT provides 3D software for the furniture and home industry. Through this software, it is possible for consumers to transform a single photo of a room into 3D. And then redesign the room with furniture of several retailers and manufacturers.

3D software and 3D printing, a logical combination

Both 3D software and 3D printing are still a niche market for marketing. The adoption of these solutions still need to reach the tipping point, but already adds value to the early adopters. With our direct marketing “Remember LOFT?” We have combined these two worlds to get into contact with prospects again. 3D printing got a prominent place in this B2B campaign and is one of the first B2B direct marketing campaigns that has made use of it. That is challenging!

Sofas scaled in 3D
During the campaign, we used the expertise of 3Dwergen, one of the 3D printing marketing specialists in the Netherlands. 3Dwergen has made custom 3D prints ​​from a blue sofa available in our software LOFT. To give banks more context they are packaged in a unique, printed cardboard pop-up room and the item was sent to our contacts. The combination of new 3D printing and conventional printing technologies delivers the LOFT experience to the desk of our clients.

In addition to receiving the blue sofa’s, the contacts of LOFT could also receive their best-selling product in 3D on their desk. This means that 3Dwergen will 3D print their furniture and send it to them. In addition to the small scale production of the blue sofa’s, the contacts can also receive unique and custom 3D prints of their own furniture.

The uniqueness of the campaign brought its own unique challenges. The sofa had to be strong enough to be able to send by post without breaking into many blue pieces. The packaging was not too large to be sent by regular mail and the sofa and packaging had to look as great as the 3D software and other marketing materials.

Challenges that were solved in cooperation between the packaging designer and 3Dwergen. The sofas are 3D printed in full color plaster, the most cost effective way of printing, and are hollowed out in the design and reinforced with a-frames in the seating. This allowed the makers (weighing 80+ kg) to stand on the small sofas without breaking. The design used double-sided tape to attach the sofa on the “floor” of the packaging chamber, so that the sofa would not shift during transport. The design of the packaging chamber is based on an existing image, so that it looks like the room in the software and in other campaign materials.

Great collaboration with the parties, who have not previously worked together, proved to be crucial in this campaign. Deadlines, consistency and quality are, as in any marketing campaign, important and thus provide unique challenges. Besides the 3D sofas there were more marketing materials in this campaign, and this makes it a complex project management challenge. The smooth collaboration and sense to create something cool and unique has made it a success.

The 3D sofas were part of a larger campaign. Before receiving the 3D printed sofas, each contact had already received two ‘old’ cards. One with a picture of the empty room with the text “Remember LOFT” and another postcard with the furnished room that were printed with a lenticular postcard technique. Maybe you still know this technique where you see different images depending on the angle you hold it?After these ‘before & after’ cards, the person also received an e-mail with a video that showed was how an empty 2D room can be decorated in 3D with furniture using the LOFT software. After this, the contacts received the 3D printed sofa in the foldable room with the message that they could order a custom 3D-printed model of their best selling product at the campaign site .

The results
The purpose of the campaign was to get in the picture of our contacts again at the right time. This was very well done. The first sales conversations were following the campaign immediately and the click ratios of e-mailing are particularly high: nearly three times as high as an average mailing (36 percent read and 7.6 percent CTR). The reactions of our contacts are gathered by our sales colleagues and people love it. All in all, the campaign is a success.

The possibilities that are offered by 3D printing, are of great importance for us to show the link between online and offline. LOFT provides for an omni channel customer experience, both in-store and online. The direct marketing campaign has provided with a similar experience through 3D printing. In the coming years, both 3D printing and 3D software will take a big leap. Many good examples of both worlds will follow each other rapidly. We have gained experience with it and are excited about the potential of both worlds.

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