The Lix: The Smallest 3D Printing Pen to Date

You have probably heard of the 3Doodler, the 3D printing pen that allows you to draw 3D designs in midair. The 3D pen was designed to make 3D printing designs possible, without the need for a 3D printer.

Since the 3Doodler first came out, the biggest complaint was the shape. The 3Doodler is big and bulky, making it awkward to handle and difficult to use.

The latest 3D printing pen, known as “The Lix,” offers a promising alternative. At half the width of the 3Doodler, the Lix is easier to use and more closely resembles an actual pen.

While the launch date for the Lix is still unofficial, it has been receiving a fair amount of the spotlight. … (Read more)


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