Latest Version of Photoshop CC from Adobe Includes 3D Printing Capabilities

Adobe has just introduced its latest version of Photoshop CC for its Creative Cloud subscribers, with a host of new features, which, most notably for 3DPI readers, is that version 14.2 includes support for 3D printing.

The new version reportedly enables users to design new 3D models directly in Photoshop or to import existing models from other 3D software with further capabilities to edit, refine, preview and then 3D print them directly from within Photoshop CC.

The premise is that this is an accessible and enabling feature within a familiar environment for 3D designers and creatives that may not otherwise engage with 3D printing or who have struggled to do so to date. According to Stephen Nielson, Photoshop’s Product Manager, for many “it can be a challenge to get started.” This latest version of Photoshop CC is designed to simplify and support the generation of 3D printable models and remove the complexity of the process, including as it does automatic mesh repair, and automatic generation of support structures. This is indeed a move towards 3D printing accessibility for a ubiquitous software platform, to be welcomed IMO, but Adobe might struggle to live up to the marketing spiel of ensuring “a successful print every time,” — a tad naïve, I thought. … (Read more)



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