Laser transforms ordinary paper into 3D objects

The first applications are a bag, a cup holder and a decorative bowl (VIDEO)

With the help of a laser cutter, design items producer Usables converts ordinary paper into 3D objects that serve as gifts and promotional items. Fine cuts with hundredth-of-a-millimetre precision make the paper stretchable in certain areas. It’s impossible to describe the visual impact of these objects, because no one has ever seen anything like it, says Oliver Plantenberg, Usables CEO.

Expanding objects that can be transformed back into a sheet of paper are just as feasible as constructions that retain their shape permanently. The design and loading capacity depend on the type of paper, the number of cuts and the precise positioning of each cut. A sheet of A4 is transformed into a bag by 302 precision cuts.

At first glance, it is difficult to tell what it is. Not until you hold the product called Roompaper in your hands does the transformation become obvious. Because of the large number of cuts, it’s practically impossible to design such a product by hand, Usables designer Daniela Lust explains. The possible applications are numerous.

Extraordinary design objects can be created with a skilful combination of print and shape. The Roompaper bag looks quite amazing and attracts even further attention with its wave-like movements when carried. It’s not only marketing professionals who will be interested in this extra promotional boost in shopping streets or at fairs.

Watch the video.

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