Kwambio to Launch Customizable 3D Printing Marketplace

3D printing marketplaces have become ubiquitous in the past couple of years, with free repositories like Thingiverse and Youmagine allowing users to download 3D printable files for free and e-commerce sites like Shapeways, i.materialise, and, now, Amazon giving customers the chance to purchase personalized 3D printed objects.

Though the customization of these designs is a prevalent feature on such marketplaces, doesn’t feel that it’s quite prevalent enough. Debuting at 3D Printshow this week, Kwambio is a 3D printables e-commerce site that will offer a variety of home decor pieces that can be customized to the whims of the site’s customers.

As the site makes its premier this week, individuals will be able to sign up for Kwambio’s beta testing before it finally launches in October. While there, they’ll be able to peruse Kwambio’s five main categories of products – design, fashion, gadgets, decor and art – and choose from over twenty different designs, including vases, coat-hangers, lamps, and other objects to customize by adding text or modifying their shapes. Then, the files are streamed to your 3D printer through site’s secure file streaming service, which provides added security for content creators by preventing customers from accessing the files themselves. All files are additionally pre-tested and verified for printability by the Kwambio team before they’re opened up to the public. … (Read more)