KUMAC, a Mass Customization research project for mass customization providers in the German retail market

A project by the research group of prof. Frank Pillar at RWTH Aachen University

The objective of the KUMAC project is to develop new methods for mass customization providers in the German retail market. These methods support an increase in productivity and value creation potential of these retailers.

At HannoverMesse 2013 (8-12 April 2013) KUMAC will show a simulation prototype of an interactive value-creation process in mass customization, using KUMAC technology to demonstrate its potential to increase both effectiveness and efficiency with the following topics:

  • The Live-Help-System connecting online-offline configuration,
  • The Tablet Configuation Software,
  • 3D-Scanner and Softwaretools as well as
  • RFID-Technology for mass customization.

For more information about the KUMAC project go to their site (German language).

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