Koenigsegg Unveils a New Supercar and Large Printed Components

In advance of the Geneva Motor Show Swedish automaker Koenigsegg has debuted a powerful supercar, which features the world’s largest 3D printed titanium part.

Called the One:1, Koenigsegg’s new offering is a natural progression from the company’s Agera R supercar. While the cars are related, however, the new One:1 is a beast of a completely different nature.

According to Koenigsegg, the One:1’s power and beauty are complemented with a number of 3D printed components, including variable turbo housings that improve the car’s response time and its low end torque. Beyond its engine, the supercar also features a 3D printed titanium exhaust tip that can claim to be the world’s largest 3D printed titanium auto part. As a testament to their painstaking refusal to compromise on performance, Koenigsegg has admitted that it’s large exhaust tip takes 3 days to produce and saves only a 400grams (.88lbs) of weight. Although completely impractical for the mass production market, the component fits the low-production, high performance model that Koenigsegg enjoys.

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