Koen Beyers, Voxdale will be presenting at 3D printing event

Koen Beyers, Managing Director Voxdale will be presenting during the Prototyping session about:”Futuristic Brainstorm: The supercar of tomorrow”

3D Printing EventWhat could be the next steps in car design and engineering? This presentation will show a futuristic alternative of a car architecture, based on a unique aerodynamic concept, and with full use of additive manufacturing technologies.


About Koen Beyers

Koen Beyers (1975) is Founder and Managing Director of Voxdale (Antwerp).

Established in 2005, Voxdale is a renowned design and engineering agency, for clients in consumer & investment industries, and in processing, automotive & aerospace sectors. Koen holds a Master in Industrial Design and Product Development. He is an expert in New Product Development, Design optimization, and Engineering.

Unfortunately, it turned out that Koen Beyers in’t able to speak at the 3D Printing event but luckily his colleague Wouter Remmerie is! Here some more information about him:


About Wouter Remmerie

Wouter Remmerie was previously active at ZF transmissions on structural components, market intelligence and pre-sales support. Currently active at Voxdale, responsible for the engineering projects within the company.


Want to know more about the Prototyping session? Please click here


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