Jouke Verlinden, Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology will be speaking at 3D Printing Event

Jouke Verlinden, Assistent Professor at the faculty Industrial Design Engineering of Delft University will be discussing the question: “Return on investment of 3D printing at home: 2 years?”

3D Printing Event “when will everyone have a 3D printer at home?”

Additive Manufacturing enables digital fabrication for a relatively low cost, while the internet offers model sharing and parametric customization for free!

But why would we want this?

Other researchers claim that the Return on Investment of 3D printers is just 2 years (Wittbrodt et al., 2013), yet this lacks an empirical basis.  At Delft University, we are currently gaining hands-on experience of employing 3D printed utensils and more outside the lab environment. This includes:

  • Shower head and other parts in the bathroom
  • Clothes hooks, buttons,
  • Jewelery and decorative products
  • Parts to improve 3D printing process

How long will they last, what is the true cost and what is the appreciated value? In this presentation we will show some of the initial results and will ask the active “maker” community to help us generate good results that will challenge the future!


About Jouke Verlinden

Jouke Verlinden is assistant professor at the section of computer aided design engineering at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. With a background in virtual reality and interaction design, he leads the “Augmented Matter in Context” lab that focuses on blend between bits and atoms for design and creativity. Co-founder and lead of the minor on advanced prototyping programme and editor of the International Journal of Interactive Design, Engineering and Manufacturing.

About Delft University – Faculty Industrial Design Engineering

The Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology, stands for: creating successful products people love to use. he mission of the faculty is to contribute to the knowledge, skills, methods and professional attitudes in the field of integrated product development. We aim to achieve this through education and research at an internationally recognized scientific level, as befits our status as part of the Delft University of Technology. The Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering’s concern is to study, innovate and improve the development of durable products and their related services for people, on the basis of the balanced interests of users, industry, society and environment.


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