Jean Pierre Kruth will be speaking at 3D Printing Event

Jean Pierre Kruth will be speaking about the survey of progress in Additive Manufacturing: the Leuven experience 1990-2013

3D Printing EventThe presentation describes the evolution of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) from 1990 till 2013 based on a historical survey of KU Leuven. It reviews how 3D printing initially only aimed at producing polymer components for rapid prototyping, and how it gradually extended to the production of metallic parts and production of functional series components, while today research even goes to production of ceramic components.


About Jean Pierre Kruth

Prof. Jean-Pierre KRUTH is responsible for education and research in Production Engineering and is active in CAD/CAM, production processes, metal cutting, non-traditional machining (EDM and laser machining), rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, dimensional metrology and quality control. He is, among others, Fellow of CIRP (the International Academy for Production Engineering), Fellow of SME (the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, USA), and founding board member of the companies Materialise and LayerWise (both active in additive manufacturing) and Metris, now named Nikon Metrology, a major producers of dimensional measurement equipment.


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