It is 3D will give presentation about 3D printers in schools

Martin Stevens, CEO of It is 3D, will give a presentation on the fact that the UK government sees the future with a 3D printer in every school. Why?  What do they mean?  What do they expect?  What will they do to make this happen?  What will actually happen? Is the UK going to lead the world in 3D printing, or is the UK going to enable the rest of the world learn from its mistakes?

3D Printing EventMartin has been involved in 3D printing for some 15 years, and was involved in the launch of low cost 3D printing. Although he has been involved in engineering and manufacturing all his life, his first degree was in English Literature, followed up many years later with an MBA. After many years in engineering products and systems, he brought CNC machines, RP equipment and laser cutters to schools; when he saw the opportunities offered by low cost 3D printing, he changed career. With his business partner Trupti Patel, he founded it is 3D.

It is 3D is a recent start up which brings 3D technologies to schools. 3D technologies rather than 3D printing because 3D printers are only of use in an educational setting if the pupils can design in 3D first. It is 3D therefore brings a portfolio of products, including 3D design software, 3D scanning, 3D machining and 3D printing, so that kids and their teachers can go from concepts right through to the final printed products.

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