Introducing stylish L5 and L5plus 3D printers

The fully assembled open source L5 3D printer on Kickstarter is launched by Provo, UT based Michael Lundwall

It has some unique features: injection-molded plastic parts, new head design, heated build tray, snap-in roller bearings, etc. and can be operated right out of the box.

Build envelope: 7 X 7.5 X 7.5 inch
Material: 1.75mm ABS or PLA plastic
Speeds: 1.6in/s (40mm/s)
Layer thickness: .005in (.125mm)
Heated build platform
Uses roller bearing and ACME rods
Sanguinololu electronics

If you want the adventure of putting together your own 3D printer, for $695 you can get a complete L5 kit, including everything you need to make the printer. All of the molded parts have molded-in inserts make your assemble process a little easier. And the electronics are all pre-tested and ready to run.

The advanced version, L5plus 3D printer features full LCD display that you can control your printer without a computer and check the status of your printer before, during and after the build. It includes also a SD card reader that you can load files via USB or with an SD card.

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