iGo3D Store Opening has been a great event for all who were involved!

Last Saturday, the first local store for 3D printing was opened in Oldenburg, Germany. 50 invited guests from whole Europe were able to witness the opening ceremony in the City Center Oldenburg. Representatives from Ultimaker and industrial 3D printers were there, but also a lot of bloggers, magazines and one TV-team were present.
The media interest was as high as expected.

From now on, interested people are able to see and buy 3D printers, 3D scanners, filaments and 3d-printed products like cases for smartphones on 130 square meters in Oldenburg. After a short speech from Michael Sorkin, in which he told the audience about the future of 3D printing, there was the official start for the first iGo3D-store. Instead of cutting a red band with scissors, there was a 3D printed chain to be cut with bolt cutter. After this, the visitors were given a tour through the whole store in which all different printers with their special characteristics were explained.
With iGo3D, the customer can choose from a variety of printers. There should be something for every need.
To begin with, there is the Cube from 3D Systems, which is nice for designers, due to it’s nice and small design. It should fit on every desk. The bigger version from 3D Systems comes with the CubeX, which is the undisputed champion in his class when it comes to big building size and a lot of colours.

The store opening itself was not the only premier. It was also the first public appearance of the Witbox 3D printer from the Spanish company Marcha Technology. Also very nice looking and with some nice features, it comes with a lockable door. This closes the building room but makes it accessable very easily at the same time. Customers can choose between single and dual extruder. Already more famous in the 3d printing scene is the Dutch 3D printer Ultimaker. This legend among 3D printers offers highest printing quality with very fast working speed at the same time.
Also from the Netherlands, there is the Builder 3D printer, the „work horse“ of 3D printers. This machine is build from very solid materials and is the most reliable out of the box machine in it’s price range. The Leapfrog Creatr is also very solid and a relatively cheap solution for dual extrusion. In the concept store of iGo3D, there is also space for young developers. In cooperation with iGo3D, a team from the FabLab Oldenburg had the possibility to show their brandnew 3D printer (details later) and several other projects. More news will come soon.
Of course, there are also 3D scanners from David Laserscanner and a lot of filaments in the store. Additionally, one can buy 3D printed jewelry and cases for smartphones. In the future, there will be also services for printing and scanning.

At the end, the team of iGo3D was very happy with the event and got a lot of good feedback from the first vstors.

Customers can visit the iGo3D concept store from Tuesday, September 10th on, from 10 am to 6 pm at least.



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