HP will concentrate its global 3D Printing business in Barcelona

The technology giant HP today announced that the 3D printing of the multinational global business will be based in Barcelona. The news, made public by the Chief Executive Officer, Meg Whitman, in a meeting with employees on a visit to Spain, will mean a boost to the Barcelona office, sofar responsible for the large format printing business with over 2000 employees.
In particular, it will be the R & D lab in Barcelona, which will be responsible for innovations in 3D printing in addition to R&D for the large format printing products.

Responsible for leading the new project will be Ramón Pastor, current director of the center of HP in Sant Cugat.

HP long ago abandoned their 3D printing business. Now HP promises to “solve two of the most important problems of this market, speed and quality”. At the end of our fiscal year, people may see more about solutions that HP has developed in this segment.”

Whitman said that HP has solved the limitations on the quality and durability of the finished products in 3D, and defended that the company is still in time to lead this promising business.

HP estimates that worldwide sales of 3D printers and software and related services will grow almost to the $ 11 billion for 2021. 

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