Hollywood Legend Brings Popeye to Life with 3D Printing (VIDEO)

Remember Popeye? That deformed sailor who would eat spinach laced with PCP and go beating up anyone he thought was hitting on his girlfriend? That may not be how you remember him, but that seems to be how Hollywood makeup artist Rick Baker does. With a MakerBot Replicator 2, the seven-time Oscar winning artist has masterfully created a realistic portrayal of Popeye the Sailor Man.

The artist came into 3D printing almost by accident. As he bought his 3D printer as a means of donating to Big Brothers Big Sisters. He had thought of the machine as more of a toy that he could “probably print up custom palettes to put makeup in.” A new 3D printer has a bit of a learning curve and it took him a few weeks to get the knack of his new Replicator, he admits.

In no time, Baker was able to apply his expert 3D modeling skills to his newly mastered tool. About seven years ago, Baker 3D modeled a beautifully rendered bust of a detailed Popeye that became so popular that, according to the artist, “People have gotten tattoos of it.” To bring the model into the physical world, he printed it at about four inches in height and applied many layers of paint, with Baker saying, “That final Popeye print has 20 different glazes on it.” The hat on Popeye’s head is a separate print, in which real thread was melted into MakerBot’s Warm Gray PLA Filament. … (Read more)

Source: 3DPrintingIndustry.com

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