Have the eleven 3D Printing predictions for the year 2011 been correct sofar?

On december 31st 2010, Joris Peels, till very recent the community Manager of i.materialise made these predictions in Techcrunch

These are the 11 predictions, and sofar not much has become true!

  • Makerbot will sell more than 10,000 3D printers in 2011.
  • Bre Pettis will appear on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine in 2011.
  • A designer will have revenues of over one million US dollars with a single 3D printed product in 2011.
  • Zcorp & EOS will be the only major 3D printer manufacturers not to offer a desktop 3D printer in 2011.
  • Both Stratasys and Objet will release $5000 desktop 3D printers at Euromold 2011.
  • 3D Systems will launch a 3D printing service for consumers in 2011.
  • At least five 3D printing startups aimed at consumers will launch during 2011.
  • Adobe will buy Autodesk in 2011.
  • Microsoft buys Dassault Systemes in 2011.
  • 3D modeling software vendors will start to offer “light 3D printing” versions of their products
  • 3D printed products will win at least two Red Dot Design Awards in 2011

But there is a clear trend, and that is the reason, why we are organising the 3D Printing Event with the topic 3D printing at home.

Read more about the predictions in Techcrunch made by Joris.

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