Guido Hermans, PhD student at Umeå University will speak at 3D printing event

Guido Hermans, PhD student at Umeå Institute of Design will speak at the 3D printing and Design session about Sledgehammers and Tweezers: Investigating Tools for 3D Printing

3D Printing EventThis presentation will focus on tools and toolkits for 3D printing used by professional designers, makers and laymen. In the recent years fabrication tools, such as desktop 3D printers, have become increasingly accessible and allow anyone to produce physical objects. In this talk the expanding area of tools to design physical objects is investigated and qualities of 3D content creation tools are discussed. Some toolkits have the speed of a sledgehammer or precision of a pair of tweezers, but what qualities should a toolkit possess?


About Guido Hermans

Guido Hermans (Eindhoven, 1984) obtained a masters degree in Integrated Product Design from Delft University of Technology. He is now pursuing a PhD at Umeå Institute of Design in Umeå, Sweden. The research focuses on mass customization, 3D printing and the changing role of designers and consumers.


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