How Green is Your 3D Printer?

When was the last time you stopped to think about your plastic footprint? Perhaps now is the time. After all, it’s shiny, durable and non-biodegradable plastic that’s driving the 3D printing revolution. And unless we find smarter ways to make our 3D printing greener, we’re just adding to the global plastic footprint.

A frightening thought when you consider that Americans generate more than 33 million tons of plastic waste yearly of which only 6 percent gets recycled. For those ready to get serious about plastic waste, we’ve already covered filament recyclers which go a long way toward making the technology greener. But why stop there?

3D printing is a technology that’s growing at a fierce pace and, let’s face it, is too exciting to miss out on. There is, however, always room for more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions which innovate without adding to the problem. We’ve put together some of these alternative printers and other green solutions which anyone can implement for more environmentally-friendly 3D printing. … (Read more)