GrabCAD Now In 3D, Sets Sights On Being The GitHub For Mechanical Engineers

Whatever you think of Hollywood’s current preoccupation with all things three dimensional, in the world of mechanical engineering, 3D is definitely the way to go.
But sharing those CAD-generated renders with clients is more often done Old Skool using print screens, drawings or the dreaded powerpoint presentation. That’s a pretty static way of doing things since those renders can’t be interacted with and the only way to level-up is a full physical model or 3D print out, adding unnecessary expense and friction at various stages of the design process.

GrabCAD’s new-fangled 3D functionality, which is currently only supported in Firefox and Chrome and is in Beta (like, seriously – see example), brings the startup closer to realising its vision of making it easier for mechanical engineers to collaborate, both amongst themselves by sharing models in an ‘open source’ way and thus reducing duplication, but also with clients by making it infinitely quicker to get feedback.

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