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May 23: Seminar Prototyping and Industrial Additive Manufacturing

Experts from various industries are sharing their vision, requirements, experiences and insights on what is needed to take additive manufacturing from prototyping and one-offs (lab) to regular manufacturing (fab). If you are considering additive manufacturing for your products or systems, don’t miss this seminar.

  • Mariano Jiménez Calzado, Associate Collegiate Professor, Industrial Engineer, Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI-ICADE. Title: Rapid Prototyping application in functional prototype
  • Silvia Fernández Villamarín, Associate Professor and Researcher, Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI-ICADE. Title: Functional FDM parts: surface roughness and mechanical properties.
  • Martin Saez, Account Manager Spain, Materialise. Title: Manufacturing in 3D Printing.
  • Suny Martínez, Materials & Technologies Manager, AIJU. Title: Quick successful solutions by means of Additive Manufacturing.
  • Luis Romero, Assistant professor, UNED. Title: Additive manufacturing with REPRAP methodology: Current situation and future prospects.

May 24: Seminar 3D Printing and Design: Product, Interior and Architectural.

This seminar will cover all aspects how 3D printing affects product design, and what this means for designers (Product, Interior and Architectural). The professionals presenting have a long history and experience in this market. How will 3D printing affect the design professional? What business models are applicable, and how will it affect your traditional business?

  • Professor Stephen Hoskins, University of West England, Centre for Fine Printing Research and Founder, Argillasys. Title: New opportunities for designers with 3d printed Ceramics.
  • Antonio Carmona, Madrid Community Mayor, 3DHubs. Title: 3D printing into Distributed Manufacturing.
  • Taavi Kikas, Co-founder, Secured3D. Title: Advanced Distributed Manufacturing.
  • Iris Artemisa Domínguez Espinosa, Architect and Professor tutor UNED – Guadalajara. Title: Challenges and opportunities in architectural and contstruction 3D printing.

May 24: Seminar How to start 3D printing services: from jewellery to professional products.

For the first time it is possible to produce real products on demand. This opens a market for new services and business models.In this seminar the speakers will give you examples how to create breakthrough change in all elements of a business model and to develop new services. Not just the production method, but also the customer interaction and the financial model are of paramount importance.

  • Ignacio Garrido Kaifer,Additive Manufacturing Business Development, SCA. Title: Additive Manufacturing Applications in Companies.
  • Michiel van der Kley, Director Studio Michiel van der Kley. Title: Project EGG – Future design concepts in business.
  • Hercules Fisherman, CEO, Herx. Title: Additive & Subtractive technology application in the making art.