Gert Jan Spriensma, Founder of will be presenting during “Future of Tools” Session

Gert Jan Spriensma, Founder of will discuss the future of jewelry and how to make people design during the 3D Printing Event

3D Printing EventAt Zazzy we want to make it as easy as possible for everybody to design. We want to inspire people to create and to start using technologies like 3D printing. In this presentation I will discuss the process, our findings but most of all discuss with the audencie how we can empower and inspire people to buy things that matter (in our case due to personalization).


About Gert Jan Spriensma

Founder of, the easy and fun way to design your own jewelry. Before chief data at Distimo, the leading app store analytics company. Founded a company during his Financial Engineering studies, developing custom software for SME’s and employing about 20 people.



Fashion and innovation have always gone hand in hand but 3D printing is set to revolutionise the way we shop for good. Zazzy is putting the power of design into the hands of the consumer by creating highly customisable, trend-driven jewelry that can be personalised by even the least tech-savvy fashion follower.

Our goal is to make 3D printing accessible to everybody; to give everyone the opportunity to shape their own jewelry simply and effectively and to have a whole load of fun in the process.


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