Fun Innovation Undergoes Serious Development – 3D Printed Smartband

The early 90′s rave music phenomenon orientated around all night dances to hard dance music and included the now legendary ‘glow stick’ and other glow-in-the-dark paraphernalia. The modern ‘high-tech’ equivalent to the glow stick could be Fusion by Shockatoo, a music-centric computer for the wrist, combining a built-in accelerometer, microphone, microprocessor and Bluetooth 4.0 that allows the device to operate independently, intelligently and integrate the audio of music.

Glow Wristband 3D PrintedThe smartband creates animated light displays by sensing both the beat of the music and the user’s motion. When paired with a smart-phone using Bluetooth, users can select and download hundreds of interactive light patterns, play music tracks to fit their mood or create their own, and connect with friends by letting users sync to each other.

Glow Wristband 3D PrintedShockatoo, Inc. is an innovative producer of wearable technology targeted at the consumer market. The company wanted to develop a flexible, translucent plastic prototype for their crowdfunding project that would house the wearable electronic device and needed it to be fully functional for a video shoot in Las Vegas to promote the product launch.

The product development team needed to find a cost-effective iteration process that would allow for multiple design changes and material customisation with a quick-turnaround. The Shockatoo team used FATHOM’s 3D printing expertise and creative technical pros to meet a tight design schedule and unique product specs.
Glow Wristband 3D Printed

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