Fujifilm considers the established “kiosk” model for 3D printing.

In Australia Fujifilm was gauging the reaction to the idea of introducing 3D printing kiosks for personalized gifts.
According to Michael Mostyn Fujifilm is suggesting to use the existing infrastructure of digital printing kiosks, and to have a number of predetermined models and provide customers with a personalized 3D gift shop.

3D printing is starting to surf a wave that could take it from a specialist manufacturing process to household product. The price of machines is coming down and the array of objects that can be created is going up, but it’s not yet clear exactly how this potential will be realized in the consumer marketplace. One possible pathway is being explored by Fujifilm: introduce 3D printers using the established “kiosk” model that’s been so successful for digital photo printing.

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Source: gizmag.com

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