Founder & Managing Director of Museotechniki Ltd.will give presentation during 3D printing event

Nikolaos Maniatis will give a presentation during the Art & Museum session at the 3D printing event about Touch, share, remix & curate printable museum collections 

Over the last few years museums have adopt 3D printing technologies in order to materialise ideas that challenging the way professionals and public interact with physical historic artefacts. In this presentation we’ll get an overview of these early applications and we’ll discuss the opportunities and  challenges that 3D printing holds for museums and our interaction with historic artefacts.

3D Printing EventAbout Nikolaos Maniatis
Nikolaos Maniatis is an archaeological conservator, with a Masters in Cultural Management and an innate interest in technology and entrepreneurship who lives and works in both the UK and Greece. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Museotechniki ltd, member of the Advisory Board of the Hellenic Startups Association and member of the UK National Youth Network of European Cultural Parliament. He is a passionate advocate of openness when it comes to technology, data and innovation and a strong believer that cultural diversity is, for society, as important as biodiversity is for biological evolution.

About Museotechniki Ltd
Museotechniki Ltd. is a start-up company based in Athens, Greece with the scope to support GLAM* organisations expand their cultural impact in the society. To achieve this, Museotechniki provides services and develops solutions along the broader spectrum of cultural asset management practice by creatively merging industry prerequisites with emerging technologies and innovative business models. Computational photography, computer vision, Internet of Things, rapid prototyping, 3D printing and web applications are some of the technologies it applies to serve specific needs of cultural heritage professionals and institutions.

Museotechniki has been established on the knowledge, experimentations and vision of Nikolaos Maniatis (Founder & Managing Director) and it is organically growing to encompass the skills and experiences of a multi-disciplinary and diverse team of museum and  technology professionals.

Aiming to continue development and improvement of products and services, Museotechniki Ltd. maintains and develops further strong mutual collaboration relationships with academic, research and professional organisations in order to develop and adopt technological innovations and good practices.

*GLAM = Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums

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