First open source 3D printed Game has arrived

Pocket Tactics is an open source table top game you print yourself — even the dice.
3D printers are sometimes called Santa Claus machines because, like Santa, they can create anything imaginable. When used to make actual toys and games, this is especially fitting. The team at Ill Gotten Games is doing just that by creating Pocket Tactics, the first open source miniatures game designed to be manufactured on a 3D printer.

In Pocket Tactics, witches and warriors fight to control a diminutive, hexagonal world. Designer Arian Croft says ”it’s so small you could literally play the game on an airplane seat tray.” Consisting of character figurines, tiles, and dice, the pieces can be downloaded from Thingiverse and printed on a MakerBot. A complete set of parts takes several hours to extrude, but games can be played in just over 20 minutes.

The tiny project started out on a much more ambitious scale. The three-person Ill Gotten team has spent seven years prototyping a multi-genre role playing game system — think epic battles with wizards fighting vampires while dodging aliens. Then Croft discovered the world of 3D printing, combined it with a portion of his game system, and found near-overnight inspiration. “Pocket Tactics was conceived on Tuesday night and by Friday I had a playable prototype.”

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