First Official 3D Printed Personalized Football/Soccer Player Available from TryeCo 2.0

Founded by a team of qualified architects and designers, TryeCo 2.0 is an advanced 3D modeling studio that was among the first to implement 3D printing technologies. Recently, the company set out to bring their 3D printing know-how to consumers by creating a series of 3D printed products with high artistic and/or personalization value.

That process has culminated in the introduction of the service, which lets anyone put their face on the body of a football player (‘soccer’, if in the US) wearing their favorite team’s color.

Given the possibilities offered by 3D Systems’ Projet x60 and Projet 4500 technology, this is no amazing feat. However TryeCo went one step further by becoming the first to offer an officially licensed AS Roma miniature. The product is distributed by Delphi International Srl, licensed by Brand Management Srl Soccer SAS.

All you need to get your miniature self into an official AS Roma football player body is to register on the website and upload three photos, one from the front, one from the side and one with close up details of your face. At this point, you get to chose the type of figure you want and the details of your character, including gender, field position, standing position (the figure’s pose), and the size you want. … (Read more)