First 3D printed new cd cover ever, by Dutch band HEIM

The first release of the band HEIM is ground breaking: their EP Function Proven dwells in a unique cd cover, produced with a 3D printer.

The idea for this remarkable cover is in line with the band’s strategy. HEIM is always searching for the experiment and the process of composing is often based on improvisation.Their music is innovative, continuously aiming to find new shapes and sounds by using a mixture of electronics and musical instruments.

An association appears with the industrial, making way for a rhythm of machinery, production, factories and labour. Innovation and design are naturally interlaced in this demarkation. The music of HEIM can be linked to Killing Joke, Slint, Motorpsycho and Young Gods.

The CD cover was printed on an Ultimaker 3D Printer.

The design of the cover is by guitarist Fokke van der Veen, who also supervises the production. Trendwatchers have been calling out that the time has arrived that innovation and new techniques are not only for industrial purposes. Doing it yourself is the new trend and HEIM is running the lead. The EP can be ordered through the website, after which a cover is printed. This process takes about three hours. The result is a truely HEIM-made cd-cover, made from biobased plastic. Taking in account the time intensive production, the cover will appear in limited edition!

HEIM will be giving a concert on 23 October, during the 3D printing event in Eindhoven, which is a part of the Dutch Design Week 2012. This annual congress hosts experts and interested people, changing ideas and gaining knowledge. The theme of the 2012 edition is ‘Printing at home’. Together with artists, a visual presentation is prepared and will be shown as part of the show by HEIM.

You can order the CD here.


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