First 3D Printed Electric Vehicle (VIDEO)

Michael Curry is the maker of a fully-printed electric vehicle and claims it is the country’s first. What makes the 3-D technology so impressive is that you don’t have to know how to build a car to build a 3-D version of the car. Curry said he did it with the help of the internet and print button.

“It’s as much as you can imagine you can build. That’s what makes this technology so incredible,” he said. He and any other person with an idea and a 3-D file can go to places like Brookside’s Hammerspace Community Workshop and turn just about anything into a physical product for a fraction of the usual price.

How much does a 3-D printer cost? The ones at Hammerspace cost around $1,000, which isn’t bad when you consider it often costs pennies to print a simple object. … (Read more)