Firm Hopes 3D Printing Will Make Toy Designers Of Us All

The futuristic edge of the toy industry is packed away in a third-floor office suite here. Inside, a half-dozen toy artists and developers are finishing software that will let people design toys with a tablet, a smartphone or a web application and bring them to life with a 3D printer.

“It is all about personalizing the experience,” says Steve Lettieri, founder of IMAGIMOD and the company’s vice president of licensing. The venture is a spinoff of his 5-year-old small toy design firm, Killer Minnow Studios, which counts among its clients Hasbro and Lego. IMAGIMOD wants to bring the type of personalization to the toy industry that has already changed the way MP3s have changed how people listen to music.

“Hasbro is on the opposite end of this, creating a billion of one item. What we are getting into is a unit of one — people creating something special that only exists in what they create.” … (Read more)