File2Part: Software that makes 3D printing easy

File2Part is a powerful program that allows you to load, fix, orient, scale, and print model files on any 3D printer that uses g-codes (VIDEO).
The File2Part team  is creating the ultimate 3D printing solution with everything you need to go from a CAD file to a part. While creating the software we needed to control the color 3D printer we are developing we realized our software is much more powerful and much easier to use than what is available to most people in the 3D printing community. So we decided to make it available to everyone.

There are many companies and hobbyists helping to make 3D printing available to a broad base of users. The software needed to produce parts has not kept pace with the hardware innovation. File fixing software is expensive (and the free versions are very limited) and requires esoteric knowledge of obscure terminology and obtuse user interfaces. Many people are using a collection of programs in succession to produce their parts. You may have one program to orient and scale the part, another program to fix errors in the .stl files, another to slice the file and create g-codes and another to send the file to your printer. We think this is slowing the adoption of 3D printing. File2Part is a complete solution in one easy to use program.

Our powerful software allows you to load, fix, scale, orient and print model files. File2Part will work with any 3D printer that uses g-codes. Whether it is a makerbot, a printrbot, a Bits from Bytes, or a printer you designed and built yourself.

The File2Part software will import and automatically fix many errors in a variety of file formats including .stl and Sketchup. Just press a button and the file is fixed. There are a few classes of defects we can’t automatically fix yet. But the program will tell you if there is an error that will prevent the file from printing successfully so you won’t waste time and money trying to print a defective file.

File2Part allows you to reorient the part and scale it to fit your build volume. It slices and generates the g-codes much faster than any other software package we have tried. When you consider how long it takes to produce a part on a 3D printer don’t forget the time to fix defective files and the time to slice the part.

The File2Part software can capture color data and associate it with each voxel of the part. Even if you don’t have a color 3D printer (yet) you can take advantage of the faster slicing, the one click file fixing, and easy part orientation to run your 3D printer.

We are making all of this capability available to you for $49.  We think File2Part is already the most powerful 3D printing software available but we are continuing to improve it.  As we add features and improve the software we will provide you with free upgrades for a year.  Or for $99 you can get unlimited upgrades with no time limit.

They can be found at Kickstarter

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