FABMOB 3D Prints Your Atmosphere

When you hear the name “FABMOB”, what do you think of? It stands for fabrication + mobility and it is meant to produce an ATMOStag. An atmospheric sensing device that 3D prints topographical representations of environmental data.

FABMOB is an Ultimaker strapped with a bunch of sensors that prints the data that it senses in the form of small, bumpy tiles called ATMOStags. The device was produced for Défi Data+, an international contest for functional prototypes related to digital manufacturing and the Internet of Things, and the production of “tangible representations of data.”

The 3D printer is outfitted with a Smart City microprocessor development board, an Arduino-based platform for registering sense data that was funded on Kickstarter last year. With the Smart City, the printer registers the following ambient information: time, location, ambient light, temperature, noise level, humidity, CO2 levels, and CO levels. The device then prints this data in 3D in the form of ATMOStag tiles. … (Read more)

Source: 3DPrintingIndustry.com

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