EU Funds 3D-Printed SmoothFood For Care Homes (VIDEO)

The European Union is funding a project to develop 3D-printed “smoothfood” for people in care homes who suffer from problems related to mastication and swallowing.

The project, called PERFORMANCE, is hoping to build on the success of German company Biozoon, which first created the smoothfood concept in 2010 and has since seen it be adopted in over 1,000 care homes across Germany.

For people who have trouble masticating or swallowing, meal times often become such a chore that loss of appetite and subsequently malnutrition can be a huge problem, as they start to dread rather than look forward to their next meals. Smoothfood has proven an effective solution to this, as it not only makes food easier to eat, but keeps it palatable and varied. … (Read more)


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